Two step's ahead

West One Homes is the first small - medium sized construction company who are researching the connection between the construction industry and AI (Artificial Intelligence). Our aim is to improve project planning, productivity, safety and cost overruns using AI based software development. 

West One Homes have also successfully sought out and implemented a VR (Virtual Reality) system to deliver the "ultimate VR experience". This forward-thinking method allows you to view your project design in virtual reality before a spade hits the ground. 

To further bring your project to life, we can create 3D architectural prints to show you a scale model of your build designs. This tangible, accurate model enables you to visualise your home.

Investing in technology and research separates West One Homes from their competitors and delivers a truly unique and fulfilling customer experience. 

With global warming and climate change an ever-pressing issue, we appreciate the importance of finding the most efficient energy systems for your homes. Also, as part of the MANAGEMENT stage, when planning, our project managers will look at the possibilities of lowering energy demands by implementing renewable sources of energy for heat and power. 

Building on this environmental focus, West One Homes have a business incentive to enforce a waste management plan teaming with recycling specialists.